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The objective of the Santa Fe Convention, now the Open Archive Initiative (OAI), is to develop a framework to facilitate the discovery of content stored in distributed archives. The OAI plans to achieve interoperability among archives that cut across physical and organizational borders. OAI is becoming widely accepted and many archives are currently or soon-to-be OAI-compliant. This project helps archives to become OAI compliant and enable to share their metadata with others. 

Rapid Visual OAI Tool (RVOT) can be used to graphically construct a OAI-PMH repository from a collection of files.  The records in the original collection can be in any one of the acceptable format. The format currently supported are  RFC1807, Marc subset & COSATI  formats.  RVOT helps to define the mapping visually from a native format to oai_dc format, and once this is done the tool can respond to OAI-PMH requests. The tool is self-contained; it comes with a lightweight http server and OAI-PMH request handler and is written in Java. The design of RVOT is such that it can be easily extended to support other metadata formats. 


RVOT: A Tool For Making Collections OAI-PMH Compliant  (PDF Version)
RVOT: A Tool For Making Collections OAI-PMH Compliant  (MS Word Version) 
Proceedings of Russian Conference on Digital Libraries (RCDL) 2003, St.Petersburg, Russia.


Rapid Visual OAI Tool (RCDL 2003, St.Petersburg)


Old Dominion University Digital Library Group. http://dlib.cs.odu.edu/