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This tool is developed by Sathish Kumar Kothamasa (MS Computer Science) at Old Dominion University with valuable guidance from Dr. M Zubair.

For further queries and assistance please contact us at the following address.   

email : kumar_s@cs.odu.edu, zubair@cs.odu.edu

Proposed developments and enhancements to RVOT

 At present RVOT supports native format files located on the local hard disk. We plan to enhance this by supporting URLs for the native metadata format files.

Currently, the mapping definitions and DC metadata can be exported or imported by working with the file system i.e. accessing the appropriate directories and placing the mapping definition files or metadata files. This process of importing and exporting of mapping definitions and DC metadata files can be automated and can be done using the integrated graphical user interface.

Currently, the process of exporting DC metadata is manual and it just allows DC metadata files to be copied (backup) to another location on the filesystem. The Export process can be automated not only to backup DC metadata but also to generate DC metadata in Static Repository format [13].

Currently, to customize the tool to support other native metadata formats, the user has to write his/her own parser and place it in a particular directory and change some parameters in a particular file. The system can be enhanced such that the parsers can be generated automatically by taking some input from the user.  Overall, this tool is semi-automated with respect to format, and this can be completely automated.


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